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New English Adventure. Pupil's Book with DVD. Level Starter A

New English Adventure. Pupil's Book with DVD. Level Starter A

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New English Adventure. Pupil's Book with DVD. Level Starter A
Descriere (limba engleză):

New English Adventure motivates children through the entertaining characters from the much-loved animated films of Disney and Pixar and provides hours of exposure and practice with English. Children listen to stories, play classroom games, sing songs, discover links with their studies and the world around them, learn social values while communicating in English.

New English Adventure Starter A is the first level of the course, aimed at 6- to 7-year-olds who are beginners and usually have not had any contact with English.

What's new?
  • new characters from children’s favorite latest Disney and Pixar films, including Brave, Cars, Frozen and Tangled;
  • a faster vocabulary syllabus with up to 15 words introduced in every unit with constant recycling and revisions;
  • complete digital support for teachers with software for Interactive Whiteboards, including interactive games and clips from Disney and Pixar films;
  • a completely revised Teacher’s Book with reduced Students' Book pages and lesson scenarios containing warm–ups, games and Total Physical Response activities;
  • specially arranged songs to engage children and karaoke versions for school competitions;
  • new Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) lessons in every unit so you can teach children about other cultures and the real world while they’re also learning English;
  • a new cartoon in every unit with Disney’s much loved characters – Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Goofy – with their original voices and a special EFL voice-over version;
  • Mickey Mouse appears in all levels, giving children the character continuity to engage them as they progress;
  • twice as many pen-to-paper activities, such as sticking, drawing, cutting-out, tracing and matching, to help you when working with large classes;
  • full-color Activity Book with every page corresponding to a Students' Book page and footnotes that allow parents to monitor homework;
  • additional activities for fast finishers – Extra Adventure at the end of the Activity Book.
The full color Pupil's Book provides a gently-paced but well-structured syllabus that constantly reviews and reinforces what has been taught:
  • cater for the different learning styles in your class with a variety of activities;
  • exciting Disney and Pixar characters and stories tap into children’s existing knowledge;
  • new language is presented in a motivating, child-friendly format;
  • includes a Song and Stories CD for children to take home to share with their families.
  • Recycle and expand language in an enjoyable way using the videos featuring fun presenters and Disney and Pixar characters in five episodes. Each episode has a different, exciting Disney and Pixar film clip and a real-life connection.
  • Tips in the Teacher’s Book help you use the videos creatively for more teaching opportunities.

Editura: Pearson Education Limited
ISBN: 978-1-4479-9988-1
An apariție: 2015
Număr pagini: 87
Format (mm): 210x295
Tip copertă: broșată (paperback)
Limba studiată: Engleză britanică
CEFR (Cadrul European Comun de Referință pentru Limbi): Nivelul Pre A1

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